Venom: The Hosts is a comic released as part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel branding, featuring the various people who have played host to the Venom symbiote.


# Title Release Date
1 A Single Cell 14 October, 2015
The Guardians Of The Galaxy discover the Klyntar - creatures they discovered - weren't symbiotes like they thought they were. In a heated battle to save the Venom symbiote, a single cell tries to find the nearest previous host.
2 The Collective: Carol Danvers 28 October, 2015
Previously undetected by Carol, a cell of the Venom symbiote on her begins to reproduce to become a full suit again. She's then warned that the Klyntar have a new goal - attack Earth.
3 The Collective: MacDonald Gargan 11 November, 2015
The Klyntar, a symbiotic race, could enslave humanity and it's heroes in no time. So the Venom symbiote has decided to form a team itself, using previous hosts. Carol, however, will have to warm up to allying herself with Spider-Man's rival, the Scorpion.
4 The Collective: Thunderbolt Ross 25 November, 2015
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