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Velocius / Vassili Petrov

Vassili Petrov, born in Kiev, Ukraine, is the mutant son of Anya and Alexei Petrov, and shortly after his birth, his mother died. He was adopted on the spot by a couple named Yago and Vidda, who lived next to a family of gypsies, but Vassili kept the surname Petrov.

As his mutant powers developed, Vassili was attacked by people who believed he was a "demon" because of his powers. He was saved by Sebastian Shaw, who wished for him to join the new Hellfire Club, where he became a fearsome opponent of the X-Men. Despite this, he was not a bad guy, and barely even part of the team, only exercised as a reward for Sebastian Shaw's saving his life from the villagers. At that time Vassili Petrov adopted the codename Velocius, in allusion to the speed that he could reach.

However, Shaw never gave Vassili the "father and son" relationship he was looking for, and the revelation of his plans and the evil purposes of the Club led Vassili Petrov abandon the organization. Later, he would return home and join the Winter Guard. Vassili participated in several missions with the team. He became one of the most important Winter Guardians and was crucial in several arcs, having stayed with the team to this day.

Powers and Abilities


Velocius has super speed on an equal footing with Quicksilver: this gives not only the ability to move quickly, but also to see the world in slow motion, being able to see the trajectory of bullets and very fast objects and catch them with his hands. He can reach the speed of sound when he runs, moving fast enough to avoid being seen and only displacing air. His speed allows to run on the surface of water and up walls. His physiology is adapted to his power, having a high metabolism, and the ability to press almost 500 kg of force with his upper body and more than a ton with his legs. He can maintain speed for hundreds of miles before he tires.


Vassili is also able to think quickly and perform various tasks at the same time with astounding speed. Because of his power, he can learn anything in a few minutes. He is effective in hand-to-hand combat (trained by the Winter Guardian).


Vassili is unlikely to attain constant speeds comparable to the speed of light because there is no mutant capable of moving so fast on Earth-3988 and probably never existed. His maximum speed is likely around Mach 29, which would allow him to travel around the world in 92 seconds, but is unlikely he could move any faster.

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