Varion Due
Varion Due
Current Alias Varion Due
Real Name Quintus Decimus Avitus Evandrus (Birthname: Gaius Julius Caeser Caelius)
Identity Secret
Alignment Good
Affiliation X-Men
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue (Right eye) Gold (Left eye)
Height 6'6.8" (200cm)
Weight 150lbs (68kg)
Age 17
Personal Status
Universe Earth-727
Base of Operations Xavier Institute
Citizenship Italian
Marital Status In a relationship with Sky High
Occupation Student
Place of Birth Rome, Italy


Gaius Julius Ceaser Caelius was born the fifteenth descendant of Evander, who founded the city of Pallantium near the site where Rome would be founded in 1193 BC, a family which is long-lived due to their power of gravity control, which they use to lessen the gravity around themselves to slow their ageing.

Gaius lived in secrecy until his family was contacted by Charles Xavier, who was amazed to find a family of mutants who could trace their history back over hundreds of years, he arrived at the Xavier Institute at the age of 14, able to speak only Latin, but was taught English by mutants who had powers of translation.

Gaius shared a room with Kaiser Krieger, Florian Allard, Bernie Zhao, and Netuno Ortega, he was given the name 'Varion Due' by Netuno, who misunderstood a remark from Gaius in latin, in his second year at the institute Gaius met Calista Bai, and the two entered into a relationship, albeit a very awkward one as Calista has trouble understanding Gaius's upper-class Latin accent.

Powers and Abilities


Gravitikinesis: Gaius has the ability to control Gravity, an ability passed down through his family for thousands of years, he can use his power to decrease or increase gravity around himself or an area extending 300 metres (usually sphere shaped area, can increase to over 1000 metres if shape is stretched).

  • Gravity Increase: Gaius increases the gravity in an area, it causes the ground to crack in, and makes it extremely difficult for anything inside the area to move.
  • Gravity Decrease: Gaius decreases the gravity in an area, it cause anything in the area to float around, and causes energy based attacks to fail.
  • Flight: Gaius decreases the gravity around himself, and which allows him to fly.
  • Super Strength: Gaius decreases the gravity around an object he wants to lift, to make the object light as a feather.
  • Concussive Blast: Gaius increases then decreases a small area of gravity around him, which causes the area to explode forwards with a powerful force.


Multilingual: Gaius can speak Latin, English, and Ancient Greek fluently.

Strength: Gaius has slightly above average strength, unless using his gravity power.

Longevity: Gaius has the ability to extend his life by negating the aging effects of gravity on his body.

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