Valerie grew up in downtown Detroit, a place where crime sparks almost everything. Her parents were killed by the Onhance Serum Radiance to take Valerie and test her.

The test went wrong, turning Valerie into an Inhuman who called herself "Icewing". She then killed all the O.S.R. members, leaving a blue ice trail behind. Not much more is known about her, except that now, she leads a life of crime.

Icewing's Death

O.S.R Sargent Jansei Taguro snapped Icewing's neck accidently after becoming friends with Icewing.

How the accident happened, he was trying to reverse her powers towards him by hooking her up to a machine that transferred her powers to him by neck. The machine malfuctioned and caused the neck brace to move and twist causing to snap her neck.

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