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The Adventures of Spider-Man (Trailer)

Based on Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's comic book.

[It gets rainy while the winning Peter and sees something ominous.]

Peter: Uncle Ben, Uncle BEN.

[Peter sees his aunt crying and his uncle murdered.]

Peter: Who did that officer Stan?

Stan: A Burglar.

[Peter furiously enters his room and dress up as The Arachnid Man.]

Burglar: Who are you freak and what do you want?

Peter: Vengeance.


Peter: I wish this crook murdered by my own bare hands.

[Adrian speaks with Wilson Fisk in prison.]

Adrian: Why I'll fight for your own amusement.

Wilson: Because of him.

[Adrian sees footage of Spider-Man taking down his henchman.]

Wilson: I can get you out Adrian.

Adrian: Adrian is dead.

[The Vulture storms Stark Enterprices.]

Adrian: Call me the Vulture.

Peter: I'll …

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