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First Class

Cyclops, Angel, Iceman, Phoenix, Beast


Chapter 1: Of Mutantes and Men

Task 1

"I present to you...the sentinels." A short man stood in front of a crowd full of people. He revealed huge humanoid robots to the crowd, to which they replied with gasping. "Our mutant problem has reached a peak. In order to protect you, the USA government created these. We call them sentinels. They are mutant hunters. Built with no mercy." As the crowd shouted in joy, finally getting rid of the "deviants" in their beloved city, a man stood there. "And tonight, we have deployed 3 sentinels to begin the hunt! We shall show the mutants that humanity will fight!"

Wave 1: 3X Brotherhood Teleporters Wave 2: 6X Brotherhood Teleporters 1 Brotherhood Wrecker Wave 3: 5X Brotherhood Teleporters 2X Brotherhood Exploders 1 Brotherhood Wrecker Wave 4: 4X Brotherhood Teleporters 1 Brotherhood Exploder 1 Brotherhood Wrecker 2X Brotherhood Snatchers Wave 5: 3X Brotherhood Teleporters 2X Brotherhood Exploders 1 Tracker Sentinel III

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

The X-Men must deal with an attack from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants along with the 3 sentinel trackers unleashed in the city and protect the younger students.

Traps: Magik's Stepping Disc



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