These properties are meant to exist as part of the extant MCU (Earth-19999), aligned with the canon up to and including the end of Phase 4. With that said though, the MCU is planning on introducing and featuring dozens of new heroes, including some that I have already included below. That combined with the fact that, in-universe, the MCU is in a flux with alternate timelines, dimension hopping, multiverses, etc. that have yet to be resolved, and that, out-of-universe, Marvel Studios is distancing themselves from Marvel TV (which a lot of the below ties itself into) the below may be subject, down the road, to having to be reconciled, corrected, adjusted, or may spiral into it's own alternate timeline that branched off after the events of Endgame.

Cinematic Release

These are films that have wide-theatrical release and directly affect, relate, and connect to the MCU, and are meant to influence and direct the universe.


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Man-Thing: Shattered Nexus

Man-Thing returns from Sakaar.

Digital Release

These are films that are released to streaming platforms and are meant as supplemental to the MCU. They are meant to tell the "rest of story" and fill in the universe without having direct influence on the future of the MCU narrative. Classically, they may be considered "TV Films" but are meant to still carry a level of threat or interconnectedness, even if they do not dictate the future of the MCU.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy

aka Coulson: The College Years.

Coulson's early years in the Academy, with an aged Peggy still working for the agency. Recruited out of university, in the late 80's, Phil Coulson enters a SHIELD Academy run by a senior Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, and Hank Pym. While Coulson is too green to interact directly with the heads of SHIELD, Coulson inadvertently gets wrapped in a Soviet plot that even Peggy can't ignore.
Also featuring Nick Fury, Keller, and Janet van Dyne, as well as Melinda May, John Garrett, Felix Blake, Victoria Hand, and Isabelle Hartley as Coulson's peers. Cameos by Bill Foster, Wendy Lawson, Robert Gonzales, and Quan Chen. Introducing Ramone, Chet Fleming, Irina Tarasova/Olivia Underwood, Viktor Uvarov, Seth Waters, and Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.


With Odin's death and the destruction of Asgard, Lorelei is free to dominate the will of the mortals of Mdigard once more. However, with Odin's protection gone an even greater evil is lurking in the shadows, threatening New Asgard, Earth, and Lorelei's own plans of ascendance.


Resistance is multifilm minifranchise within the MCU following a number of young heroes, recruited by Maria Hill and Spider-Man to use their gifts to fight for what is right, fixing social wrongs and systemic injustice. Films include:
  • Ultragirl
  • Virango
  • Solarman
  • Rage
  • Vance Astrovik: Marvel Boy

Teamups in Resistance.

Digital Shorts

Consider these the television equivalent of One-Shots, split up into several episodes.

All in a Day's Work

All in a Day's Work is a micro-entry into the Midnight Sons franchise, meant to act as a prelude to the crossever series' final event. It provides a quick look into New Attilan, as a new Inhuman seeks refuge.


A series of episodic shorts that follow Beverley Switzler who cannot seem to avoid weird, bizarre characters and happenings. Each episode she foils another crackpot villain while pining for her long, lost love.


Midnight Sons (crossover multiseries)

A cross-ever event series. Think "Paranormal Defenders". Individual franchises include:

  • Man-Wolf
  • Darkholders
  • Blade
  • Hannibal King
  • Agents of S.T.A.K.E.
  • Morbius
  • Sepulchre
  • Bloodstone

Teamups in Midnight Sons and Mighty Avengers.

The Guardian

After a failed career as a hero, and a failed career as a villain the Greenwich Guardian resigns himself to the Superhero & Reformed-Villain Support Group - a place for those struggling to do right. With the eclectic and chaotic group of ragtag upstarts and has-beens, they all together learn how to cope with the day-to-day life of a being a superhero, makeup up for the wrong things they've done, serve community service, seek counsel, and ultimately become heroes.

Death Locket

Rebecca Ryker's world is turned upside down, when one of her father Harlan's creations comes back to haunt him, and Harlan is forced to take drastic measures to save Rebecca's life, changing her forever.


Blonsky and the Beast

Following the Hydra Uprising, the S.H.I.E.L.D. maximum security facility, the Vault, is compromised and it's most dangerous criminal, Emil Blonsky, the Abmomination and a hapless Jotunheim frost beast are released. The two form a reluctant and unlikely pair traveling the Alaskan wilderness, living on the lam, surviving the elements, and more.

Party Down

A young man, with newly discovered powers, tries to work his way into a party at the Avengers Tower, only to be rebuffed by an old, friendly face, and a new foe.

Monster Mash

A day off from the fighting pits on Sakaar leads to an unexpected adventure for Hulk and an unexpected fight against a disgruntled scientist and his monstrous creations.

Under the Sea

The Skrulls are getting restless on Earth... and under the sea, and an unexpected visitor has a plan that only the Inhuman Royal Family can help with.

Small Expectations

Benny and Claire are sent on a mission by Director Mack to figure out what Mitchell Carson's plans are with the Pym Particles, but things go awry when someone else shows up with similar, but less honourable intentions.

Once Upon a Time in San Francisco

When a mysterious figure named the Protector begins extorting local businesses to pay him for their protection, Ex-Con and Ant-Man take to the scene to trap the dastardly thief.

Home Sweet Home

A couple of solitary but scrappy space aliens return home to their peaceful abode... only to find themselves caught right in the middle of the Battle of Titan.

First Contact

Scott's gone for the weekend, which means Cassie Lang is in charge of the house. It's up to her to feed the ants, clean the house... and save the world from alien invaders from the Quantum Realm.



A podcast journalist gets wrapped up in a plot bigger than he could imagine.

Scrapped plans

Hellstorm (TV Series)

Originally taking place in Midnight Sons. Scrapped as it didn't quite fit the theme of the rest of the series, didn't have many ideas to flesh out the series, and because there is an incoming Hellstrom series in the MCU.

Season One

Midnight Sons Phase One. Now that we have in-depth experience with the more occult and supernatural world, enter Daimon Hellstrom. We learn alongside Daimon of the truth of his origins and powers, explore Hell and death and all that fun stuff, maybe encountering some otherwise deceased characters along the way, before ultimately facing off against his sister Satana, sent to Earth as a succubus. Featuring Trish Walker.

Season Two

Midnight Sons Phase Two. Hellstorm takes on Satannish and Dormammu himself, in a battle for Hell, forming a fragile and ostensible pact with Mephisto along the way.
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