Hey guys, X here.

I'm currently working on my Banished show as my active project, and don't worry, I'm going to continue, because I've had ideas out the butt for them. But, I've had also ideas in general, so here's some stuff I might work on in the future:

  • What If? Vol X: That's right, I'm delving into my love for What If comics. I'll revamp some of the older crappier ones with potential that were never expanded, and write some of my own. I look forward to sharing these with you, and the first two would be: What If: Luke Cage found Mjolnir? and What If: Otto Octavius was the True Spider-Man?
  • Broken: A series based on a broken world very similar to 616, but based on a project by Artemis Thorson. Mutant-human war has reached a peak, and the world will soon be...broken. Come on, you know that was coming. Trust me, there's tensions.
  • Banished: No Longer: A comic depicting the members of the Banished and Weapon eXiles in their home realities. This gives you the background you (and they) deserve. See your favorite heroes in the worlds they love. And speaking of worlds, we'll check in and see how their missions turned out!
  • Spider-Verse and Captain America-Verse: You know, to expand my Multiverses. ;)

I'll add more as I think of it, thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

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