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  • Uncanny X-Factor

    Greetings to you, my Marvel Fanon cowriters. I am Uncanny X-Factor, and it has been quite some time since I've written a blog, so forgive me if I'm a bit rusty. (NOTE: this blog is LONG, especially for me. So if you don't want to read it, I understand. I'll gladly give a TL;DR upon request. This is sort of a look inside my head in case anyone wants to see my process/know what's coming up.)

    I recently posted a forum/poll asking if I should resume my creative contributions in addition to performing my administrator duties. The response was overwhelmingly positive, as not only did everyone vote for me to contribute, but the overwhelming majority (75%) voted to add ideas as they come to me, which I (and I assume the 75% do as well) assume will …

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  • Uncanny X-Factor

    Hello, Marvel Fanon! Uncanny X-Factor, alias X here. I'm sure everyone has noticed the disambiguation pages by now, and I'd say they're a success. We've hit Spidey, which means we're about 3/4 of the way done, and rounding the home stretch with characters such as Thing, Thor, Wasp, and Wolverine.

    Anyways, I've been having ideas galore for some time now, and I'm really ready to get cracking on them. So, as soon as the disambigs are done, I'm going to start writing again. What, did you think the project ending was one of mine? Ha! So, anyways, here are the two (or three) projects I intend to work on following the end of the disambigs:

    • Superior Spider-Man (Earth-5393): A world where Peter is a mutant and was a founding X-Man. Obviously not that…
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  • Uncanny X-Factor

    Hey guys, X here.

    I'm currently working on my Banished show as my active project, and don't worry, I'm going to continue, because I've had ideas out the butt for them. But, I've had also ideas in general, so here's some stuff I might work on in the future:

    • What If? Vol X: That's right, I'm delving into my love for What If comics. I'll revamp some of the older crappier ones with potential that were never expanded, and write some of my own. I look forward to sharing these with you, and the first two would be: What If: Luke Cage found Mjolnir? and What If: Otto Octavius was the True Spider-Man?
    • Broken: A series based on a broken world very similar to 616, but based on a project by Artemis Thorson. Mutant-human war has reached a peak, and the wor…
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  • Uncanny X-Factor

    Banished Notes

    January 10, 2014 by Uncanny X-Factor

    This is just some notes for myself, but if you want to comment, you may.

    • Magi
    • Victor
    • Silver Spider
    • Fantastic
    • Commissar
    • Black Panther
    • Techno (Victor)
    • Carnage (Silver Spider)
    • Phoenix (Commissar)
    • Sandman (Techno)
    • Gambit (Fantastic)
    • Spider-Girl (Carnage)
    • Ms. Marvel (Rogue) (Magi)
    • Ultron (Black Panther)
    • Black Wasp (Sandman)
    • Vision (Ms. Marvel)
    • Magi (Phoenix)
    • Black Panther (Spider-Girl)

    • Hellhawk
    • Spider
    • Doc Ock
    • Hulk
    • X-Man
    • Patriot
    • Black Widow (Patriot)
    • Banshee (Hellhawk)
    • Sabretooth (Hulk)
    • Devil (X-Man)
    • Mister Fantastic (Doc Ock)
    • Havok (Banshee)
    • Bullseye (Black Widow)
    • Deadpool (Mister Fantastic)
    • Siryn (Havok)
    • Snowbird (Bullseye)
    • Magneto (Spider)
    • Ruby (Siryn)
    • Hercules (Sabretooth)

    • Quicksilver
    • Sorcerer Supreme
    • Spider-Woman
    • Firebird
    • Goliath
    • Iron Man (Rhodes)
    • Ace

    • Punisher
    • Torrent
    • Daredevil
    • Vision
    • Mim…

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  • Uncanny X-Factor

    Dawn of Dimension X

    November 30, 2013 by Uncanny X-Factor

    Hi everyone. Next X-Man here again with yet another project in my arsenal. This one I humbly call "Dimension X." Why, you might ask? Because only characters of my original design are here. That's right, no Spider-Man, no Wolverine, no Fantastic Four, not even Frog Man is here. Just my ideas. But they way I see it, there are no original characters, only people who were normal on 616, and maybe were saved by heroes, or closet mutants, etc. And I'm really excited to share them with you, the only reason I'm not up to posting yet is that I need to finish some other projects before I get into that. So here's the first wave of characters I've got planned. Other waves will come in other blogs.

    X-Force 5

    • Sean Curos: Transformer (Animalistic Shape-Shifti…
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