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Earth-606, the crappest crap ever crapped.

Basically, it's a COOL, HIP, REIMAGINED Marvel Universe for the NEW MILLENIUM! YEAH!!!

Like we haven't seen that before.

Here's basically the main few characters that matter:

  • SPIDER-MAN - Nothing new with tons of generic stories. Basically, the Spider-Man Unleashed series uses a villain of the "volume" (I have a feeling he doesn't even know what that word means) format, and it's really boring.
  • CAPTAIN AMERICA - Honestly, nothing much to him. Kind of the same deal, except he has USAgent's costume... okay.
  • IRON MAN - This one's different... somewhat. The most different out of these few guys. Kind of. His series was definitely a bit more interesting than Spider-Man Unleashed, and his love interest in this world is Bethany Cabe instead of Pepper Potts. Interesting.
  • HULK - I mean, he's pretty much the same except that he's Grey Hulk, and he's technically a super soldier... WAIT THIS IS ULTIMATE HULK.
  • THOR - This version of Thor looks more like a straight-up Viking, and this version of Asgard is definitely closer to the Norse Mythology.

As for the storylines, you got Kree Unleashed, in which the Kree invade Earth and accidentally create MODOK who Ant-Man sacrifices himself to stop, HYDRA War, in which HYDRA and the Dark Elves conquer Earth... except it was never finished so who even knows what happens... and some other schlock I'm sure sucks.


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