Hello everyone. This is David. Most of you probably don´t know me. I´m new here (well sort of) and I´m here to present my newest project, Earth-3000. This new earth answers to a very important question. What if Gwen Stacy was alive? This was already explored in one issue of What If? but I still decided to do my take on this topic. 

The moment when Gwen Stacy died at the hands of the Green Goblin and Spider-Man, remains one of the most devastating and important moments in comic history. It made Spider-Man and the entire Marvel franchise what is it today and that´s why I am so eager to write about it. I hope you enjoy.

Gwen´s Death

Gwen Stacy´s Death

Gwen Stacy´s Death

In Earth-3000, Gwen actually dies, much like in the original comics. She is captured by the Green Goblin, aka Norman Osborn who plans to use her against Spider-Man, his most hated enemy. As the battle ensues, Gwen is dropped from the bridge onto to the ground with death awaiting her but Spider-Man comes to the rescue, only to kill her before she hits the ground by breaking her neck. Gwen Stacy was dead... 

But in comics not everything is what it appears. Three weeks later, the Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) was facing unprecedented competition from Osborn who was claiming the criminal world for himself. Determined not to lose his control over the empire he had built over the years, he planned the murder of Norman Osborn but needed someone to execute it. Every agent he sent perished under the deranged scientist and Kingpin, as a last resort, relied on Gwen Stacy, the young girl who had died at Osborn´s hands while he was the Green Goblin. Using Alistair Smythe´s technology, they managed to revive Stacy. Her sanity suffered a bit but well, she was still alive. After this, she was trained for months by the Kingpin´s soldiers until she was finally sent to do her duty. Upon entering Osborn´s house however, she didn´t find him, she found something else.... something that would change everything forever. 


After Gwen´s death, S.H.I.E.L.D. became increasingly powerful and defensive, determined not to let any other accidents like this happen again. They gained the support of many agencies, politics and superhero teams such as the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, but Peter Parker, shaken even more by Gwen´s death, opposed them bitterly. Spider-Man´s negative opinion greatly influenced S.H.I.E.L.D´s plan and diminished their influence upon national and international affairs. Due to this, Parker had to be delt with. Deputy Director Maria Hill sent Peter to the Negative Zone and he was replaced by Agent Barton (or known by his superhero name, Hawkeye) in what would become known as S.H.I.E.L.D´s Project: Spider-Man. Of course, Peter would return, but his return was not what was expected...

Dr. Connors

Before Gwen Stacy´s death, it is revealed she was helping Dr. Connors with his experiments regarding reptile renegenation. They made several studies and discoveries, many of which were unknown to Connors himself and that Gwen kept in her notebook. After her death, he had access to it and realized his origins.

Sinister Five

The Sinister Five only included two members of the original Sinister Six. Kraven and the Vulture were among those who were "cured" by the new Spider-Man. Adrian gained a job at Oscorp and died of old age and Kraven returned to Africa where he became a feared hunter once again. Sandman moved to Jersey and Electro became an Agent of S.W.O.R.D. under probation. 

Fantastic Four

After Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic discovered Sue´s betrayal with Spider-Man, he left the team and joined the Sinister Five. This proved traumatic to Sue who committed suicide days later. After this, Ben started becoming more distant until he eventually left the team to join the Heroes for Hire. The villains however continued to attack and Jonathan decided to regroup and reform the Fantastic Four in order to combat new and old threats. 

Keep updated for more of Earth-3000. I hope you enjoyed. Feedback is encouraged.

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