Hey guys! 

So, I am still slowly working on my universes but am taking time here and there to go back over my universes, rewrite some chapters since some of them I think could have been written better, maybe change the flow of a story, etc. But anyway the point of this blog is that I had some character What Ifs for my first universe but could use some opinions and suggestions.

A few ideas I've had recently was maybe involving some more canon connection ideas, such as a Next Generation idea or involving some background characters that never really had a major role. Maybe some X-men offspring ideas I suppose is what I'm mostly aiming for plus maybe a couple ideas from their past villains, such as Mr.Sinister. But couple thoughts I had was bringing in one of Logan's children who has basically been spoken of once which is Erista and maybe something about the Native since supposedly they harvested her eggs and thought it might be interesting to do something from a experimental sort of thing going on there.

Honestly, I could use some character pairing ideas, go off some of those since recently there has been a lot of changes in pairings on and off again with marvel, some of which I've felt might be interesting to add into a What If universe we often see here. Here's a few I had in mind:

  • Fantomex/Psylocke (Cause apparently they have been dating for a while before Fantomex's recent three personality split?)
  • Logan/Storm
  • Scott/Emma or Scott/Tempus (Second paring idea is because Tempus seemed to have a thing for Summers until after her time jump into the future and all but still thought it would prove interesting)
  • Kitty/Bobby Drake
  • Or maybe just doing  a couple of experimental stuff going on instead, since this seems to open the door to much more interesting options.
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