So I have been working on my characters for The Shadow lately and it's time for an update (NOTE: this isn't fixed).

1. Ben Wallace is a mutant
As a mutant, Ben has the X-gene (also known as the X-factor) that manifests in his telekinesis. Ben's X-gene was activated due to a combination of stress and a traumatic event: an explosion in the chemistry lab at Ben's High School.

2. Ben joined HYDRA

After running away from his school, Ben meets an agent of HYDRA. The agent persuades Ben to join HYDRA and soon Ben learns the basic techniques of telekinesis. Later, some leaders create a sub-group of fighters called SHOCK. Ben becomes a member of a group of fighters - including David Howard - called the Lightning Six.

3. Ben enrolled at X-mansion

After leaving SHOCK and separating from David, Ben found and talked with Charles Xavier, who persuaded Ben to enroll in the upcoming semester at X-mansion. After enrolling, Ben impressed Jean Grey, that she personally trained him in telekinesis.

Any critique would be welcome. 

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