So I've been inspired to create some superheroes of my own. At this point, I've only come up with names as well as some super powers. Here is the list I have thus far:

1. Ben Wallace

Wallace is a Telekinetic who obtained his superpowers from a chemical explosion. He also has Invisibility.

2. Emily Madison

A girl with Pyrokinesis, who had injected with blood from a former Pyrokinetic from A.I.M..

3. Lee Jones

A computer prodigy that has a mild form of technology manipulation- for example, he can do data manipulation and Technology Generation.

4. Pam Barker

A former employee at a plant laboratory, Pam obtained plant manipulation power after coming in contact with an enhanced chemical mixture.

5. David Howard

A former Hydra member who worked with Ben to escape from Ichor. David is also a mutant with Hydrokinesis.

At this point, I don't have any story plots yet. Also, I don't have a title for the group either. I'd be glad for any suggestions.

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