This is an idea inspired by another blog post by another user. I can't remember the user, but if you are reading this, please tell me if this okay, and if so if you want to lead this with me. (Please also note this is seperate from the FMCU. I will still be working on that, I am just super busy atm) Anyway this is an idea for the team called the mighty mauraders! The name I just made up to reel you in lol, but now I quite like it, and marvel own the name anyway. Either way, this is going to be like a exiles style team of marvel outcasts made up of our original characters! If you have a character you would like to use in this team, let us know, because we want you to help write this comic series as a team! 

The idea is that your character (They can be connected to a real marvel hero) will have a one-shot origin recap (written by you!) And then we will plot out a story together and will either have a main writer do issues, or have an issue each! I look foward to see if anyone wants to join!

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