Jaga 321 Jaga 321 25 May 2018

Marvel Video Project - Gamora has a baby

Hi Guys, here's my latest theory on Guardians 3 this time. Infinity War spoilers ahead.

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Jaga 321 Jaga 321 5 April 2018

Marvel YouTube Video project - Dr.Doom

Hi guys, I made a video for my new channel about Marvel. I'll be doing more in the future and showing them off here, if that's not against the rules ;)

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Jaga 321 Jaga 321 22 March 2018

Predicting the Infinity War Plot

Hey guys, It's about a month until Infinity War, so I'm going to try and predict the plot. I don't know any spoilers at al, but I've been keeping up to date with all the marketing, toys and analysis, so if you want to go in blind, stop now. That being said, this is all going to be wrong, so here we go anyways! I'm only summarising what happens, not presenting a whole story.

The opening scene features Thor and the Asgardians facing off against The Black order. Thor orders Heimdall and Valkerie leave with the people, as they flee in the escape pods. The remaining soldiers fight, after the Hulk is injured Loki reveals he has stolen the tesseract, using it to teleport Hulk away to locations unknown. Thor and Loki are captured but sucessful in d…

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Jaga 321 Jaga 321 11 May 2016

Savanna - A Paragon project

So, I'm officially starting a series for Paragon names Savanna. it will be launching soon! Here's a look at the covers.

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Jaga 321 Jaga 321 3 June 2015

The Mighty Mauraders - A fanon OC team!

This is an idea inspired by another blog post by another user. I can't remember the user, but if you are reading this, please tell me if this okay, and if so if you want to lead this with me. (Please also note this is seperate from the FMCU. I will still be working on that, I am just super busy atm) Anyway this is an idea for the team called the mighty mauraders! The name I just made up to reel you in lol, but now I quite like it, and marvel own the name anyway. Either way, this is going to be like a exiles style team of marvel outcasts made up of our original characters! If you have a character you would like to use in this team, let us know, because we want you to help write this comic series as a team! 

The idea is that your character (T…

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