To you all my fellow fanonites, I say, hello!

Keeping cheesiness aside, hello, and this is me, GuardianSeven, on my first blog, which isn`t proportionate to the ordinary blog. Keeping my extra cheeses aside, I wanted to slam some questions, first.

So it`s confirmed that Spidey isn`t going to play an exclusive role on Captain America: Civil War, and will have an introduction cameo role. But if Peter Parker is not going to be connected with the Civil War, then how will he be connected to the other MCU timeline properties and such so?

Also, in the Season Two finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (for those who have not seen anything yet, please step aside or kill yourselves because there is a spoiler ahead), Jemma Simmons was sucked by the extraterrestrial sentry weapon, like the Symbiote sucking Eddie Brock! Is there a good possiblity that the weapon is a Symbiote?

Now, bringing back my cheesiness and literary terms to life, I was asked by Dutt to do a Comic Con panel on my latest, Earth-89 but well, if I could, I would. But I can`t, so I shan`t.

Hasta La Vista, fellow fanonites of the Gigabyte Capitol!

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