Okay, so I looked back at some of my old fanfics (especially on Marvel Movies Fanon) and realized how crappy and generic they were... so I put this "masterpiece" together just for fun. Brace yourselves...

The Amazing Spectacular Avenger Spider-Man: Amazing Fantasy Saga Begins... the Movie!

This if a movie about Spiderman stars Zac Efron as spiderman.


Peter parkers uncle gets shot and so peter sets out to find who did it and finds oscorp labs where his dad worked and sees a video of his dad making a super spider and the spider bites peter and peter gets powers and he finds out the killer is Cletus Cassidy and he beats up Cletus and he goes to oscorp and gets a job as a intern and his boss is Adrian toom who is making a jetpack and he makes the jetpack and turns evil to get revenge on norman Osborn and becomes vulture and beats norman Osborn but peter stops him and uses a spider costume to be spider man.

at the end credits we see norman Osborn making a potion and he drinks it and turns green.

after that we see peter at school when nick fury walks in his classroom and says the "invasion is comging we need spidermans help" and spider man is all "okay lets do this"



Zac efron is spiderman

Taylor swift is gwen stacy

Katy perry is mary jane

Some random old lady is aunt may

john malkovich is uncle ben

john malkovich is vulture

john malkovich is norman Osborn

Samuel l jacckson is nick fury

hugh jackman is Cletus Cassidy

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