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Hello, true believers. Welcome to the first edition of THE PULSE, a news blog dedicated to the superheroes who walk among us! Since JJJ over at the Daily Bugle seems to like painting the Spider-Man as a menace, us here at The Pulse have decided to give you the honest, unbiased super-centric news that the general public deserves. - Pulse Editor-in-Chief, Kat Farrell


Article by Kat Farrell

It's been a sad few months across the world, as the Avenger known as Thor was killed in action fighting against a still unidentified threat in a small Mexican town. Thor has been a controversial figure ever since he first appeared. The debate over whether or not he truly is the Thunder God of Norse mythology, or just another enhanced human, proves to be an endless one, and with the hero now gone, one must assume we will never know the real answer.

God or not, Thor was a selfless hero, who used his mysterious abilities to save innocent people many times. From his battle with the mysterious "Destroyer" to his more recent times with the other Avengers, Thor has been known to drop everything at the sight of danger, and risk his own life to help ordinary people such as us. Exact details about his death remain unknown, though witnesses say to have seen him with three other warriors fighting against a golden-haired woman and a large bald man with an axe, when a black hole opened. After flying into the black hole, Thor was killed in an explosion. Several towns in Mexico are still dealing with the reprecussions of this battle, as strange creatures, which witnesses claim originated from the black hole, plague the civilians. Local authorities have been able to round up most of these creatures, which are now being studied by SHIELD's top scientists.

It truly is a brave new world now that the Avengers are among us, but the loss of Thor reminds us that even superheroes can die. Tony Stark, in a recent interview with CNN, says that Thor's death has taken it's toll on the team, but he reassured us that the Avengers would keep fighting, in memory of their lost teammate.

Whether Thor is at the gates of Heaven or the halls of Valhalla, we all hope the hero is in a better place. May he rest in peace.


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