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Hello, true believers. Welcome to a new edition of THE PULSE, a news blog dedicated to the superheroes who walk among us! Since JJJ over at the Daily Bugle seems to like painting the Spider-Man as a menace, us here at The Pulse have decided to give you the honest, unbiased super-centric news that the general public deserves. - Pulse Editor-in-Chief, Kat Farrell


Article by Jack Norris

With all the mutants running wild these days, it's rare that one in particular catches everyone's attention, but Manhattan's recently spotted "Burning Man" proves to be an overnight phenomenon, though there are only two recorded sightings so far. The first sighting occured late one night in Central Park, when a man was approached by an armed assailant. The man unleashed a burst of flames upon his attacker, and when approached by police, he fled. The second sighting occured at a local junkyard, where two workers found a naked man, asleep in a crater and surrounded by small flames. They say that a female mutant then appeared out of thin air, and took the man away with her. The man in the second sighting matches the police description of the man from the first sighting, who's been said to be a 5' 10'' Hispanic man with long black hair and several tattoos. Whether this burning man is just another random mutant, or something else entirely, we don't know, and we may never find out. The mutant community just seems to grow larger by the day, so there's no telling what we will see next.


  • Manhattan's Burning Man
  • Illinois city officials investigating blue mist
  • Remembering Thor
  • Karen Page rescued, update on New York ninjas
  • RAFT information leaks --- Anton Vanko, Emil Blonsky among confirmed survivors of Graviton's attack
  • Mutant kills biker in bar fight
  • Tony Stark speaks at unveiling of new SHIELD Triskelion
  • Spider-Man's heroic acts this week --- Recap
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