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Hello, true believers. Welcome to a new edition of THE PULSE, a news blog dedicated to the superheroes who walk among us! Since JJJ over at the Daily Bugle seems to like painting the Spider-Man as a menace, us here at The Pulse have decided to give you the honest, unbiased super-centric news that the general public deserves. - Pulse Editor-in-Chief, Kat Farrell


Article by Ethan Edwards

It seems to be the case too often these days that historical landmarks are caught in the crossfire of increasingly destructive superhuman battles. Nearly two years after Spider-Man's battle with the winged villain Vulture, the Statue of Liberty is almost back to normal. In the now famous battle on Liberty Island, the Statue of Liberty was destroyed by a series of explosives supposedly set up by the Vulture. Spider-Man was able to get away with the Vulture's innocent hostage, but the villain himself was supposedly killed in the explosion. Still, authorities have found no trace of the Vulture anywhere around the scene of the battle. Tracing back to Magneto and the Brotherhood's attack on the United Nations, it is now alarmingly common for super-villains to target famous locations such as Liberty Island. As criminal psychologist Ashley Kafka states in her book, "Criminal Masterminds of the Heroic Age", super-villains tend to pick familiar areas to not only draw immediate attention from heroes and the press, but also to inflict the most damage. She cites the Brotherhood's attack on the UN, Graviton's attack on the SHIELD Triskelion, and the Vulture's attack on Liberty Island as perfect examples of this. Things don't look too bleak, at least not in the case of Lady Liberty, as the iconic landmark is nearly restored, and the only one harmed in the incident seems to be the instigator himself.


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