We see Boris Bullski, a SHIELD agent, piloting a Neurotech Armor made by Tony Stark.

BULLSKI: Works great, boss-man.

We cut to Nick Fury and Tony Stark watching the test run.

FURY: Good, Bullski.

TONY: I still don't know about this...

FURY: So, Mr. Stark... why the change of heart?

TONY: Well... my secretary... Pepper. She convinced me.

FURY: Remind me to thank Pepper.

Boris lands down next to them, and takes his helmet of.

BULLSKI: Mr. Stark, your generous donation is SURE to stop those alien freaks as soon as they lay their eyes on it. Thank you, sir.

STARK: So how about a code name? Bullski IS a superhero now.

FURY:  I guess...

TONY: I was thinkin' something along the lines of... Titanium Man.

BULLSKI: A little cheesy, but... okay.

Meanwhile, SHIELD agents Greer Grant and Simon Williams train against L.M.D.s, shapeshifting androids. Greer is an expert martial artist, trained by the Steel Serpent in K'unn-Lun and given the name of "Tigra". Simon has been bombarded with ionic energy, giving him various abilities from flight to energy beams. He goes under the self-given name of "Wonder Man".

TIGRA: [dodges an LMD punch] That all these things got?

Wonder Man flies by with an LMD's severed head in his hands.

WONDER MAN: Appears so...

Wonder Man throws the head against the wall with all his might, destroying it.

issue still unfinished


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