Mad Max Fury Road has come out, and I must say it was definitely great. I also hear it was a feminist movie, and I definitely feel that. You could also say Divergent was a feminist movie.

Here's the thing.

In Divergent, and the like, they mostly just SAY the female character is tough, and just pat themselves on the back for being "feminists". Usually, they just end up having the female character need to be saved later on.

I often praise Terminator 2 for it's portrayal of Sarah Connor, a legitimately great female character. Mad Max Fury Road (Spoiler warning... possibly) revolves around Max getting involved with this female war sergeant, Furiosa, having to rescue some brides from her evil commander, Immortan Joe. Note that no one says Furiosa is tough. Furiosa does not need "Saving" on a few small occasions, but Max needs to be saved more of the time. The only real notable saving part is when Max saves Furiosa's life by pumping some of his blood into her body with some blood pumping tube thing (Don't ask), and it's not like he's saving her from a villain or a kidnapper, it's from DEATH itself.

I would definitely say it was feminist. Good job, Mad Max, and on another note, nice try, Divergent.

--- ElectricMayhem

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