I am ElectricMayhem, and this is my idea. It is a community cinematic universe where the users of this wiki all work together. Each phase will have a line-up of ten movies, and we'll see where this goes. Anyone who wants to join can just say so in the comics, and say what movie they want to make. If they want to make a sequel or spin-off of someone else's movie, they must ask that user permission. Let's do this. I will make the first Avengers movie for phase one.

Phase One

  • Currently untitled Fantastic Four movie - Uncanny X-Factor
  • Currently untitled Ant-Man movie - Vision0
  • X-Men - Melody the Movement
  • Currently untitled Iron Man movie - BIONICLEToa
  • X-Force - Melody the Movement
  • Currently untitled Spider-Man movie - Cartoon44
  • Avengers - ElectricMayhem
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