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  • Deadpool the merc

    Marvel vs DC

    March 15, 2014 by Deadpool the merc

    Its the battle between two of the biggest comic icons that ever existed this is the battle that rules them all.

    It's Marvel vs DC

    Hulk vs Superman

    Iron Man vs Batman

    Black Widow vs Wonder Woman 

    Hawkeye vs Green Arrow

    Black Cat vs Catwoman

    Dr. Strange vs Green Lantern 

    Quicksilver vs Flash

    Namor vs Aquaman

    Nightcrawler vs Nightwing

    Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics) vs Shazam

    Plastic Man vs Mr. Fantastic

    Buckeye Barnes vs Robin (Dick Grayson)

    Killer Croc vs Lizard

    Clayface vs Sandman

    Deadpool vs Deathstroke

    Darkseid vs Thanos

    Green Goblin vs Joker

    Bane vs Juggernaut

    Braniac vs Ultron

    Cast your vote in comment section below for the winner!

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  • Deadpool the merc

    It's the battle of the ages.

    Who do you think would win?

    Cast your vote in the comment Section below.

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  • Deadpool the merc

    My recent pages were seeming kind of bland and I decided that I shouldn't work Solo anymore so I'm seeking for a young assistance to help and guide me for my future works. 

    Please contact me on my talk page if you're interested.

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