Chimera-XIII Chimera-XIII 6 January 2013

Unique Powers?

So many powers nowadays are used, and to an extent overused. How will new heroes emerge and not be a copy of someone else? Well, that's what I'm trying to figure. I'm trying to find a pretty good power for my next character (temporarily named Kicker) and I would like to know if the follow sound pretty creative:

  • 1 Superhuman Physiology and Defensive Metamorphosis
    • 1.1 Weaknesses
  • 2 Toxin-Based Bone Spike Generation and Manipulation
    • 2.1 Weaknesses
  • 3 Echinoderm Physiology
    • 3.1 Weaknesses
  • 4 Semi-Reactive Adaption
    • 4.1 Weaknesses

The current incarnation of my character possesses an enhanced physiology. All aspects of the human body are amplified to minor superhuman levels. This gives him the typical traits of a hero like super-strength, super-senses, super-dexterit…

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