Hello fellow Marvel Fanon members! Today, I am proud to announce the beginning of the Marvel Rebirth Cinematic Universe and its production including a Phase One lineup, consisting of the first six films in the universe.

When it first was created, Rebirth started as one singular film to piece together all of the character's histories at once. This, was too stressful as I couldn't figure out how to put together everything in one singular film, so the next idea was to develop it into an individual TV series. However, the same problem came up as I wanted more focus on one individual character at a time. Rebirth, is about a universe reset, restarting and rebooting each Marvel character's origins and changing them sometimes entirely. The main idea is to present how this reboot would affect each character's lives and how they have to deal with the new obstacles that come their way and come back to being Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Earlier this month, I came up with a new idea that would split up each character into a Rebirth Cinematic Universe. They will all be connected, so you will have to read each film thoroughly if you want to understand everything! 

Without further ado, let me introduce the Phase One lineup of the Marvel Rebirth Cinematic Universe:

  1. Spider-Man: Rebirth
  2. Captain America: Rebirth
  3. Iron Man: Rebirth
  4. Captain America vs Iron Man: Rebirth
  5. The Hulk: Rebirth
  6. Marvel's Rebirth: The Avengers

These films are coming soon, so look out for each of them throughout 2015! However, know that these are not your regular Avengers. As said before, their histories have been altered and the characters have been reborn... so welcome to the Rebirth! 

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