Hey guys, it's me Bridgetterocks. I am just back from being grounded for weeks. It seriously killed me. I worked on the next few chapters so you'll have Assemble! for a long long time still, I am just unsure when to release Revelations. It's a chapter which will be a serious change to the WHOLE plot.

Anywho, this blog post isn't just to talk about Revelations, but about what 2014 will bring for Assemble!. I will release some card titles right now, wanna take a look?

This is all coming this year in Assemble! but it's not all of it!

What do you think? Which chapter are you looking forward to the most? I can just say that starting with the next few chapters, Assemble! will have a whole different look, more dark, you could say ;) But that's all you'll get from me now.

Bridgetterocks out.

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