Hey guys! I just posted Assemble!'s Season Three first chapter WWII (A!). It DOESN'T contain ANY spoiler regarding the The Winter Soldier film, which premieres today in the US. This chapter works as a flashback to understand the Winter Soldier arc which comes afterwards better. The next three chapters (S.H.I.E.L.D.ed (A!), Birds of a Feather (A!) and Winter Is Coming (A!)) DO contain spoilers and except for a couple minimum changes it is BASICALLY THE SAME THE WINTER SOLDIER FILM PLOT, because it is a great story AND it changes the MCU completely, which is one of the Universes Assemble! is based on, so this three-four chapter arc was necessary, and it was ABSOLUTELY needed to stick to the movie plot. The rest of the Season will be absolutely MY OWN CREATION, always based on some main Marvel Mainstream Universe arcs. The chapters which feature or will feature spoilers in the future will have a Template which warns of the spoiler content of the chapter, and of course reading will be at your own risk. I suggest you to watch The Winter Soldier first because Marvel is Marvel, and I can't do anything compared to what they do. Rather spoil Assemble! than The Winter Soldier film, which in my opinion is one of the best MCU films, head to head with Avengers. That's all I have to say for now, enjoy and if you can watch the film as soon as possible! Bridgetterocks out!

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