Hey guys, James (Bridgetterocks) here. I would like to officially announce that Assemble! Season Three has been delayed due to the high ammount of spoilers regarding the recently released in the UK and soon to be released in the US Captain America: The Winter Soldier. To keep the fun of the film intact, I will upload the chapters with a heavy spoiler content starting APRIL 11TH. WWII (A!) will be released this Friday April 4th due to the lack of any spoiler content, as it's completely set in the 1940s. I hope you all understand this decision, because I personally don't mind being spoiled, but some people do, and I need to think of my readers before I do. What happens if you haven't seen the movie by the 11th? No problem, I will make a spoiler content template for the chapters which contain them, so you know what to read or what not to. This arc though is of A LOT of importance in the whole Assemble! plotline, so you probably wouldn't want to read it before you watch the film. Thank you for everything, James out.

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