Hey, guys. I was planning to make a second Marvel Animated Universe: Spider-Man movie a sqeuel to Marvel Animated Universe: Spider-Man (film). But, this time, i used some stuffs fot the second movie plot 


Spider-Man, Martha and Billy Connors sees that Dr. Curt Connors is acting strange and only discover that Calypso has hypnotixing him to become the Lizard, Once again. Spider-Man must save connors and defeat Calypso, Once and for all. 

Nightmare on Christmas 

After a fight with the Sinister Six, Spider-Man wonders what the world would be like without him. After falling from a building unconscious, Spidey wake ups and only discover that his in his christmas pests. After that, Spider-Man goes to the present and has a recent fights the Sinister Six which make peoples hates Spider-Man by spoiling christmas. When it comes to the future in the event that Peter Parker quits being Spider-Man, he is rich and the CEO of Parker Industries who is not caring about the peoples. However, the Green Goblin who is now has a new name, the Goblin King who has defeat the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. and even, his mentors and allies. Peter goes as Spider-Man to defeat the Goblin King, Once and for all. However, it's was reveal to be Nightmare's plot. Spider-Man must find a way of how to out of this nightmarely realm.

Ends of the Earths 

As Dr. Octopus, Mysterio, Chameleon, Rhino, Sandman and Electro escapes from Jail and formed a master plan to destroy Spider-Man, Once and for all. Spider-Man learn about this and formed the Anti-Sinister Six to stop the Sinister Six from taking over the world, Once and for all. 


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