BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 31 January 2015

Spider-Woman Promo Tv Spot


  • Brother Grimm's voice:Do you know the true meaning of fear?
    • [Creepy music plays as camera moves down dark hallway]
  • BG: I don't think you do.
    • [Close up on Jess.]
    • [A hand snakes out from under a bed].
  • BG: You think you're beyond human.
    • [Spider-Woman faces Brother Grimm, she throws a punch, which he dodges. She twists into the air, trying to kick him, but he grabs her ankle and slams her into the ground]
  • BG: You're not.
    • [Shot of Jess, clearly distraught and crying.]
  • BG:You're extraordinary, true.
    • [Jess jumps off helicopter and glides]
  • BG: But in the end, you're just another toy.
    • [Creepy shot of dolls].
  • BG: Another toy to be broken.
  • Jess: Come and get me, psycho.
    • [Two girls run from an explosion]
    • [Someone trains a g…
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