BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 2 March 2015

Fantastic Four Blues

Okay, so, I read an article on the Fantastic Four movie here, and it made me really angry. It started out by making me be okay with the Human Torch casting, and then it made me mad over the treatment of Sue. They called her comic book version (616) something really crude and nasty, and basically said she has to be smart to be a strong character. Ugh, this movie is in awful hands.

I am a Warrior. 12:45, March 2, 2015 (UTC)

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 1 March 2015

BtV Unofficial State of Affairs Panel

So, we're not having a FanCon on right now, but I really wanted to discuss the state of my various projects and some new ideas of mine. If a project is not listed here, ask about it in the comments and I'll let you know the state of it.

  • 1 Current Projects
    • 1.1 Visionary Animated Universe
    • 1.2 Elektra: Bloodlust
    • 1.3 Spider-Woman (film)
    • 1.4 Untitled Avengers Sequel
    • 1.5 Community RP
  • 2 New Ideas for Everyone
    • 2.1 TV Network!

My first priority is going to be writing the VAU, beginning with S1 of Uncanny X. I've yet to decide whether it will be as detailed as the gorgeous Assemble!, but it probably won't be. I have lots of projects and not a lot of free time.

When Uncanny X goes on midseason hiatus, Elektra Bloodlust will air. The seasons will be pretty short and su…

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 7 February 2015

Earth-5734 Arena!


  • 1 How it works:
  • 2 Tournament Feb 2015- BEGUN!
    • 2.1 Plotline
    • 2.2 Current Entries- Only 3 per User
    • 2.3 Matches
      • 2.3.1 Round 1
      • 2.3.2 Round 2

  1. Contribute the characters you wish. After a select period of time, the bracket will be finalized and the tournment will begin.
  2. Two heroes will face each other, in a specified location.
    1. i.e. Spider-Woman vs. Hank Pym in the sewers.
  3. Before the match begins, users must discuss, AND COME TO AN AGREEMENT, about how this area would contribute to their stats.
    1. i.e. We have agreed that as there is a small space, Hank Pym would have -1 speed but since there'd be less space to account for +1 intelligence. Jess would logically have +2 speed against Giant Man because he's so fast.
  4. Each player goes to the Easy Decis…

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 7 February 2015

Community Idea: Superteam RP.

UPDATE#2: Check out The Arena, where you compete for points! UPDATE: MEMBERS OF THE RP MUST MAKE PAGES FOR THEIR HEROES BASED OFF Jessica Drew (Earth-5734). UTILIZE OFFICIAL STATS, WHICH CAN BE FOUND ON MARVEL WIKIA. So, I was thinking that as a community activity we culd have an rp story on a blog. Each of us could have 1-3 Marvel characters and we could have an ongoing storyline. If you're interested, please comment and I'll start posting possible characters.

  • 1 How it works
  • 2 Purchased Heroes
  • 3 RP Combat
  • 4 Shop- Characters can be purchased from any users wishlist
    • 4.1 People and Characters they're interested in:
    • 4.2 Objects

  1. Post characters you are interested in
  2. I will review them and assign them a cost in points.
    1. Everyone will start out with a certain num…

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 1 February 2015

Marvel Comics Toy Solicitations for Spider-Woman- Coming 2.7.2015

The toy solicitations pertaining to Spider-Woman will be released February 7, 2015.

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