What It Is

During the Summit, we will have our many talented creators discuss their porjects, give ideas for other topics, and solidify our plans for the next few months.

Full Agenda for Saturday May 20, 2016

ALL TIMES IN EST; May Be Doubled if Necessary

  • Before 12:00 PM- Gather in chat
  • 12:00 PM- Opening Statement by BeholdtheVision. This will be available later on this blog post for those who miss it.
  • 12:00-12:05 PM- Recap of the project thus far.
  • 12:05-12:15- Everyone goes around and summarizes their projects. I will handle the projects of any absentee creators.
  • 12:15-12:20- I introduce the two-three "families" of books.
  • 12:20-12:35- We return to the individual books and discuss ideas for them.
  • 12:35-12:40- Explanation of the Fall 2016 Event.
  • 12:45-12:55- Discussion of tie-ins within group.
  • 12:55-1:05- Explanation of ParaCon, assignments, and Q&A.
  • After 1:05- Anyone who wishes to remain to pitch to each other more or pitch to me a future event they'd like to lay seeds for may do so.
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