So, I recently took over as admin on the cluttered, dying Parks and Rec Wiki, and have begun cleaning it up quite a bit. However, I've been running into consistent problems from one user. The episode pages have been cluttered with trivia he wrote- except, it isn't really trivia. It's random facts, such as what they were wearing, what was behind them on a wall, everything a certain person does in an episode, etcetera, and it goes on FOREVER. Not to mention, they're not fulls entences and they don't follow grammar rules.

But as I'm an admin, I tried to be fair.  Instead of deleting his spam, I moved it off to a page "Episode Name/Trivia" with a promise to delete it if he didn't fix the grammar. Overr and over again, I patiently told him that I disagreed with his ideas, and as I'm the admin, I have to make the final call on what's best for the Wiki. I even compromsied for him. I haven't once yelled at him or insulted him. But he continues.

He undoes my edits to restore his Trivia. I've told him that if he does it a fourth time, he will be blocked, but I want to avoid that. He constantly goes behind my back, basically asking me and Wikia if I have a manager to tell on me for. Wikia staff has already stated that they agree with me, and made me an admin for my efforts, I tell him. SO he responds for asking to be an admin.  Rather than interact with me to find a solution, he constantly seeks backdoors and cheats.

I write comprehensive rules and he tells me I should add a part where users can amend, Basically, he doesn't give a flying fig about rules or listening.

I'd really, really appreciate it if someone else could try messaging him and explaining how things work, since he clearly doesn't believe me. If you don't want to do that, thanks at least for listening to me vent.

I am a Warrior. 11:52, April 2, 2015 (UTC)

P.S. The suer is Jean-Ralphio's Third Bracelet

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