How it works:

  1. Contribute the characters you wish. After a select period of time, the bracket will be finalized and the tournment will begin.
  2. Two heroes will face each other, in a specified location.
    1. i.e. Spider-Woman vs. Hank Pym in the sewers.
  3. Before the match begins, users must discuss, AND COME TO AN AGREEMENT, about how this area would contribute to their stats.
    1. i.e. We have agreed that as there is a small space, Hank Pym would have -1 speed but since there'd be less space to account for +1 intelligence. Jess would logically have +2 speed against Giant Man because he's so fast.
  4. Each player goes to the Easy Decision Maker Website. Here, enter in the 6 stat categories. Click 'answer' and comment with the bolded category.
    1. i.e. Giant Man will be fighting with energy projection. (lvl 6). Spider-Woman will be fighting with Durability (lvl 4).
  5. The player who wins gains 1 point! If you tie, please reroll. They also subtract .5 lvl from Durability and 1 lvl from the category they just used. If the category just used was Durability, only one point is subtracted. If Intelligence is used, a point is instead gained. Points cannot go beneath 1.
    1. i.e. Hank Pym hits Jess with a specially designed gun before she reacts and gains a point. (-.5 Durability + -1 energy projection for him; -1 Durability for Spider-Woman.)
  6. Repeat these steps 4 more times as games are best of 5.
    1. i.e. Giant Man will be fighting with Durability (lvl 2.5). Spider-Woman will be fighting with Speed (lvl 5). Spider-Woman quickly darts around Giant Man and hit him. She gains a point. (-1 durability for him, -.5 durability and 1 speed from Spider-Woman.)
    2. Giant Man will be fighting with Intelligence (lvl 7). Spider-Woman will be fighting with strength (lvl 5). Giant MAn easily outwits Jess as she rushes towards him. (.5 durability for both and -1 intelligence for him and -1 strength for her.)
    3. Giant Man will be fighting with Speed (lvl 2). Spider-Woman will be fighting with Intelligence (lvl 3). Spider-Woman gets the better of Hank when he tried to quickly shrink down. She gains a point. (-1 speed for him and -1 Intelligence for her. -.5 durability for both.)
    4. Giant Man will be fighting with Intelligence (lvl 6). Spider-Woman will be fighting with Durability (lvl 1.5). Giant Man finally manages to outwit Jess and gains a point.
      1. FINAL SCORE: 3/2 for Giant Man. He shall advance to the next round.

Tournament Feb 2015- BEGUN!

  • Sign up for the next tournament in the comments below! Prizes are as follows:
  1. 500 extra pts in addition to making an OC OR 100pts.
  2. 500 extra points in addition to a vial of Extremis
  3. 250 extra points.
  • EVERY WINNER GETS +.25 to one category.


Director Fury is putting together a new team of superheroes and he wants the very best. Time for a training exercise! Rumor has it some villains have entered to prove they can take down the heroes.

Current Entries- Only 3 per User

  1. Hank Pym (BeholdtheVision)
  2. Spider-Woman (BeholdtheVision)- Defeated by Nico
  3. Godzilla (Irockz707)
  4. Nico Minoru (Irockz707)-Defeated by Supaidaman
  5. Eric O'Grady  (ElectricMayhem)
  6. She-Hulk (EletricMayhem)
  7. Punisher (ElectricMayhem)
  8. Emma Frost (BeholdtheVision)
    1. Extra random decision maker must be used to determine whether she is in diamond form or not.
  9. Tiger Shark (EletricMayhem)
  10. Supaidaman (Irockz707) 
  11. Wiccan (Bridgetterocks)
  12. Professor X (Bridgetterocks)


Round 1

  • Eric O Grady vs Godzilla
    • Godzilla wins!
  • Wiccan vs She-Hulk
    • Wiccan wins!
  • Hank Pym vs Punisher
    • Hank Pym wins!
  • Spider-Woman vs. Nico
    • Nico wins!

Round 2

  • Godzilla vs Tiger Shark
    • Godzilla wins!
  • Wiccan vs Emma Frost
  • Nico vs Supaidaman
    • Supaidaman wins!
  • Hank Pym vs Professor X
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