So, we're not having a FanCon on right now, but I really wanted to discuss the state of my various projects and some new ideas of mine. If a project is not listed here, ask about it in the comments and I'll let you know the state of it.

Current Projects

Visionary Animated Universe

My first priority is going to be writing the VAU, beginning with S1 of Uncanny X. I've yet to decide whether it will be as detailed as the gorgeous Assemble!, but it probably won't be. I have lots of projects and not a lot of free time.

Elektra: Bloodlust

When Uncanny X goes on midseason hiatus, Elektra Bloodlust will air. The seasons will be pretty short and succint like Agent Carter, but hopefully there'll be enough action in them to make up for it.

Spider-Woman (film)

Production of Spider-Woman goes on, but as to when I'll begin posting it, you'll have to wait and see.

Untitled Avengers Sequel

This movie is definitely still happening, but obviously it requires a bit of waiting. You'll probably see a title sometime soon, and a page with the cast and some hints.

Community RP

Irockz and I (mostly her) are working on reworking this so its more fun for everyone. I have a lot of homework, so it'll be a bit before I'm able to continue it. Contact Irockz for more details.

New Ideas for Everyone

TV Network!

So, we have a lot fo TV shows by various people airing. So, I thought we could do something similar to this: Here. We have a channel page, where evryone who wishes to participate chooses a time and day of a week to release new episodes, like a new channel. We can have a page where whatever show is currently airing is first posted before being moved to its main page. We can post promos for other shows and movies there. Overall, its a cool idea I hope people are interested in.

Thanks for your time, everyone!

I am a Warrior. 13:37, March 1, 2015 (UTC)

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