A preview for my new series, X-Men. :D It also has a small easter egg/cameo in it, which is really easy to spot! :P I hope you enjoy! :)

PS: The first episode will have a lot of easter eggs/cameos, so be sure to look out for them! :)

“Mutants are a danger for us!” the man on the television shouted, “Don’t you know what the “Toad” did to us a year ago? Or the blue shape-shifter? She was a dangerous terrorist, and she could be anyone! Even you! We have no idea how many mutants there are, and what they are planning, but one thing is sure; we must not let them be better than us! Death to the mutants, that’s what I say!”

“Death to the mutants!” the screen showed a crowd clapping and cheering. The TV was switched off.  

“You see that, Charles?” Erik Lehnsherr said to his colleague and friend, Charles Xavier, “The mortals want us dead! I told you that they are a threat for us! They want to wipe us out! Kill us all, to say the least…”

“They are just… uninformed!” Charles replied, angrily, “Once everyone gets to know about our school, it will be just fine! We will live together in peace!”

“We must grab control of this world before we will all die!” Erik continued, clearly not impressed by Charles.

“Why, Erik? Do you really want war?”

“The mortals have decided for me! Join me now, Charles! I have waited long enough! The mutants shall rise once again and show them who really is the leader here!”

“What’s happening?” Jean Grey asked, as she ran into the room. She had heard the shouting, and was wondering what was going on.

“War, Jean,” Erik answered furiously, “The mortals have chosen for it, and I will give it to them! Goodbye Jean, goodbye Charles! Think again about joining me when this world is mine!” And with that, he walked out of the room and out of X-Mansion.

“What was that all about…?” Jean asked, still shocked. Charles didn’t reply. He watched Erik as he walked away.

“Erik?” Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, asked as Erik walked past him. He was supervising the teen mutants that were playing outside, “Where are you going?”

“Ask ‘Professor X’!” Erik replied angrily, as he walked through the gates.

“Mr. Summers, where is he going?” a girl with short brown hair asked.

“I… I don’t know, Doreen…” Scott said to her, as the gates closed behind Erik, without anyone touching them.

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