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Emerald Commentary 1 - Issue 1

If you have been reading this on the actual Emerald page, props to you, but I wanted to do this here so it was more noticable. I want you guys to read my thoughts on it. :D

Ugh. Writing an origin issue is hard. Did you know that? First you have to start off with the basic idea on how to make your character's origin very memorable. It was for a while that I had the "get shot, discover powers" thing, but actually finding a way to do it was hard enough. Eventually I thought "why try going through a boring beginning when you can just cut into the action of Stephanie dealing with the aftermath of the incident?"

I felt it was a stroke of genius. Not only did it set up conflict but it also was a great hook to make the readers invested into the stor…

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BIONICLEToa BIONICLEToa 29 January 2016

Paragon Comics Drawing Blog!

So this will be a drawing blog I update every time I draw something new for Paragon Comics. Either it be characters or places or whatever. It will be added to the gallery.

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BIONICLEToa BIONICLEToa 18 October 2015

Earth -0 is here... And everybody will probably think that it sucks.

So I'm too lazy and too time-consumed to actually write a real comic book, so I'm just gonna... Make this new universe, if that's okay with everyone.

Earth -0 (yes the space is supposed to be there) is a parody universe where I take modern jokes and memes and miz them with the Marvel Universe. Why? Because reasons.

As one can see on the article page, it already has plenty of positive reviews by critics. Check it out.

P.S. I'm sorry that I'm starting this, but you can't stop me, mwahaha!

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BIONICLEToa BIONICLEToa 26 February 2015

Just a extremely crazy idea...

So, I as reading an article on how some of the writers at Marvel are giving some good focus on Spider-Gwen, especially very different ways of portraying characters (like Frank Castle being a tough cop instead of punisher). So it got me to wonder: What happens if Marvel comics starts putting more focus into this warped Spider-Gwen storyline they have developed?

What happens if it's the next Ultimate Universe? If it is, I'm pretty pumped, because I like the way things are going for the story. With adding COMPLETELY alternative choices and different events, I'm actually curious to see where this goes. (Unlike the Ultimate Universe. They messed up some of the best origins in Marvel, like for Iron Man and Hulk.)

Because of differnet origins resul…

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BIONICLEToa BIONICLEToa 25 November 2014

The Immaculate Emerald Man update!

Hey, all you guys! It's me, the super-annoying guy BIONICLEToa! Today I would like to discuss the progress of my series.

Well, school and a play has gotten in the way, so I have been focusing on that for a while. But, this week, I might finally have more of a chance to work on Emerald Man's first comic, The Immaculate Emerald Man #1.

As such, I have begun to do some of the story, and will work on a story board, then move on to the actual comic. (Gonna do things "The Marvel Way.")

I also have updated Emerald Man's design, which is not too much modified, but gives him more of a modern look (which is, surprizingly, what I want). I also have re-worked some of the characters, so they fit better and are more realistic. For example:

  • Stephen Barmms is go…
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