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BIONICLEToa BIONICLEToa 8 December 2016

The End: Emerald's official ending and a word

Well, we should have all known this day was coming. Once I finally release the second part of Annual #2, the series will officially be over.

I know, it's a sad thing to end the series, but I have a few reasons behind it.

  1. The first issue is that I really dislike some of the choices I made with the characters for Emerald. The villains feel downplayed (making Virus a minion of the Triad was my biggest mistake IMO), the story choices were questionable, and frankly, while I had most of this planned out in the beginning, the story's details changed dirastically. However, the proper ending did end up the same: Emerald fighting The Coalition and then defeating Merrow.
  2. My personal life has been getting in the way of this comic series. To put it simply…
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BIONICLEToa BIONICLEToa 19 September 2016

Emerald Drawing Blog - Numero Uno

Hey everyone. Just wanted to showcase some illustrations I've made for Emerald the past few weeks. Here's some of my favorites!


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BIONICLEToa BIONICLEToa 13 September 2016


Life's not looking good right now. Despite a wedding for my brother coming up, I'm losing my passion of being here. I have to juggle school, and my grandma is slowly dying. I don't even have inspiration to draw Emerald stuff anymore. So I might take a short leave or so. I'll still come on chat. But writing is definitely something I'm not in the mood for.

I'm just kinda done with stuff right now.

As for ElectricMayhem, go on without me for the Captain America film. I just... Can't write anymore. My mind is elsewhere.

--Not Jack Kirby I draw so much for you guys.

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Some Terrible News

So. I just learned today that my grandmother has Stage 3 ovarian cancer, and has six months to live. I don't know what else to say, but to say that I finally understand what love is: commitment, bravery, and faith.

It's a funny thing. My grandpa kissed my grandma twice and told her to "Take that to the bank." He's a funny guy.

But I watched them talk. I could see my grandpa and grandmother have a look in their eyes. They both saw fate, and yet they held hands and worked together to approach that fate. Somehow, something I've rarely seen happened: despite my grandmother being less aware and having dementia, she smiled. Her smile stretched farther than a rainbow across the sky.

It was like I could see past her frail old self and see some type o…

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Happy 4th of July!

Pretty late, but for me it's still the 4th of July, so we need to celebrate it accordingly! What better way than to see Captain America punch Hitler in the face?

And let's not forget Captain Kirk's inspirational speech on American freedom.

Hope you all have a wonderful Independance Day!

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