If you have been reading this on the actual Emerald page, props to you, but I wanted to do this here so it was more noticable. I want you guys to read my thoughts on it. :D

Commentary on Issue #1

Ugh. Writing an origin issue is hard. Did you know that? First you have to start off with the basic idea on how to make your character's origin very memorable. It was for a while that I had the "get shot, discover powers" thing, but actually finding a way to do it was hard enough. Eventually I thought "why try going through a boring beginning when you can just cut into the action of Stephanie dealing with the aftermath of the incident?"

I felt it was a stroke of genius. Not only did it set up conflict but it also was a great hook to make the readers invested into the story. As for the burglar, originally he was going to be a dispensable, one-off character, but I felt adding him as Black Blast would have been pretty fun.

Final Words

Thanks for reading this first one, guys! I would appreciate comments and feedback. I will be uploading more of these on blogs, but if you're impatient, go read them on the Emerald page! I'd love to see what you say.

--Not Jack Kirby I draw so much for you guys.

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