The Shadow
Real Name Hadrian Shepard
Current Alias The Shadow
Alignment Good
Universe Earth-616
Gender Male
Height 6'01"
Weight 285 Lbs
Eyes Icy Blue
Hair Black
Unusual Features Eyes sometime glow green when channeling his powers
Hadrian Shepard is an Terran Ghost agent, his typical tasks deal with various special ops missions and investigation/detective work.


He has undergone a special program called "Myrmidon" similar to the Super Soldier Progam that created Captain America and the UNSC's Spartans. In truth it could be considered a middle ground between the two as it is more effective than the Super Soldier Serum and not as extreme as the Spartan II Program. In a way, this was a side project where in comparison the Spartan IIs were the be the ultimate soldies, the Myrmidons were to be the ulitmate commanders.

Power Level


Physically he is extremely strong for a human, superior to Captain America, where he can even match Godlike beings with addition of his various psionic abilities boosting him.

Powers and Abilities


Genetic Augmentation:  At it's core, the focus of his "enhancements" were to increase his mental abilities for tremendously increased intelligence in areas such as analysis, deduction, induction, and theoretical exposition. Further treatments led to improvements in his hand-eye coordination, reflexes, vision, stamina, height, and weight. He is also remarkably agile, roughly five times stronger and more durable than an average Human, resistant to sickness and with enhanced senses, possessing heart muscles twice as strong and lung efficiency fifty percent better. Their blood contained platelets capable of regenerating from any disease or toxin, which could be used to cure or revive medical subjects via transfusion and twice the average human lifespan.

  • Superhuman Strength: Hadrian's muscular capacity augmented beyond human extremes, able punch through walls and lift and throw normal humans
  • Superhuman durability and endurance: His skin is abnormally tough and resistant to bladed weaponry and explosions also granting great resistance to directed energy weapons and extreme temperatures. His bones were also reinforced to take greater amounts of stress such as jumping from vast heights and concussive blasts.
  • Superhuman intelligence and calculation: He possesses an IQ of around 300 and is capable of absorbing and calculating enormous amounts of information near-instantaneously. He also has an eidetic memory and greatly enhanced learning speeds with a form of cold reading.
  • Superhuman senses and bodily functions: His nervous system and procession of thought means his reflexes are incredibly fast and precise with his senses being extremely sharp enough to process environments with extreme precision. He can survive abnormally long periods without fresh oxygen and can engage intense physical activity for days on end especially since his blood cells possess extraordinary regenerative abilities.

Astral Plane Tap:  Ability to tap into the virtually unlimited psychic resources of the astral plane in order to manipulate energy up to a potentially unlimited scale. The only limitation he seems to have is the amount of power he can handle at one time and the limits his enhanced body can take. Due to his unique connection with the Astral Plane, he also gained an extremely strong mental shield.

  • Psi-Rise: A unique ability  to strengthen one's natural senses to extraordinary levels and also increases the body's physical strength, speed, agility, and endurance and also promotes greater durability and faster healing.
  • Psi-Mastery: Hadrian is a master of psi-energy manipulation. He's capable of using both Burst (hyper-speed instant movements) and Defense (energy shields) at high levels. It allows him to manipulate psi energies in their purest form that combined with Psi-Rise to Reinforce his enhanced physique to greater levels as well as blasts of destructive force and enhancing items.
  • ESP/Supernatural Awareness: Expanded senses with an enhanced intuition which allows for an unusually astute analyses of situations, environments, and people. This also grants extremely acute spatial/supernatural awareness, a preternatural ability to sense danger for a limited precognition, and extremely heightened senses and reflexes.
  • Dark Energy Manipulation: Hadrian can mentally manipulate dark energy to create and manipulate mass effect fields as biotic skills. Most biotic abilities fall into three categories. The simplest are instinctive abilities, such as barriers, biotic martial arts, and direct kinetic effects like telekinesis. These rely on a direct manipulation of mass effect energies. More complicated are invoked effects, which require some level of control over the field, such as warp fields, biotic explosions, and other indirect applications. These use the body's nervous system to shape the field, almost like a pulsar field. The most complex biotics are evoked effects, which use the fields to directly manipulate energy or gravity as a force instead of upon an object. The most spectacular effects of biotics, such as singularity or blaze, fall into this category.
    • Biotics: Due to his unique nature, at a very basic, he has cooldown times a quarter that of conventional biotics, and power levels augmented by ambient heat, magnetism or existing dark energy and can use enough power to tear down skyscrapers or operate at a micro-precision level. He is able to feel the fields of mass and gravity vector, permeating the surrounding space. It operates not with separate vectors and parts of space, but with whole planes and "gravitational currents" in them. Telekinesis is as natural for him as the movement of limbs - it does not require concentration, everything happens at the level of reflexes. A biotic of such a rank is able to effectively resist the directed gravitational and biotic effects and to “crack” other people's biotic barriers, as well as repel heavy fire at numerous opponents.
    • Force: Force is the common term for using potential kinetic energy to weigh down the hands or feet for close quarters battle. A variation on this not only enhances the impact power of their punches and kicks, but uses carefully timed pulses of gravitic force to accelerate his body and movements to extreme levels. This allows devastating hits with fluidity and evasion.
    • Slide: This modified form of lift creates gravity-lite tunnels and channels through which a user can move or slide with extreme speed and ease. Combined with Aid (biotics boosted jump or leap), it allows stupendous feats of acrobatics and evasion. Clever uses of these fields can also slow opponents even as the biotic moves too fast to counter.
  • Limited Tactile-Psychometry: He has the unique ability to gather information from an individual or a place simply by touching them which can allow him to read what happened to someone, or at a location with a simple touch.
  • Psionic Speed: A further ability to channel psionic energy into the body, increasing the user's speed and reflexes.
  • Alter Environment/Lightning: An ability which allows the user to manipulate the weather around them. Hadrian has used this ability to conjure a thick fog to cover an escape, blast away enemies with powerful whirlwinds, freeze the surfaces of small lakes and rivers, and manipulate natural lightning from storms to strike at targets of his choosing. He has a natural ability to draw from his own force potential, or alter the surrounding area's electromagnetic signatures to become lightning for him to use. He can draw upon the electromagnetic forces with ease.


  • Genius-level intellect
  • Master hand to hand combat
  • Expert marksman: He is capable of wiping out an entire Spec-Ops battalion single-handedly, and killing them all without sustaining a single blow
  • Master of aerial warfare and piloting spacecraft
  • Master strategist
  • Expert Assassin
  • Master of manipulation
  • Expert on orbital skydiving
Power Grid
Intelligence Strength Durability Speed Energy Projection Fighting Skill
7 3 3 6 6 7

Strength Scale

Class 50 Superhuman Strength: Hadrian can lift around 50 tons





Nano Blade:



Teleportation: Adam often

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