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Anna Livingston Powers coloured Costume Concept X-Men title

Anna Livingston - AfterShock / Lighting Girl

CaseyLivingston full coloured

My OC / RPC Casey Livingston Heat / Metal

Hello everyone!! I'm RFyle11 / RFyle119. I'm a fan of Marvel Universe and I have all Marvel comics since school and college. After Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers and Marvel Heroes Reborn comics I stopped buying them. I've watched Marvel Animation TV series - Spider-Man cartoon series, Iron Man cartoon series, Fantastic Four cartoon series, Hulk cartoon series, X-Men cartoon series, Avengers cartoon series - Earths Mightiest Heroes is a LOT better than that United they stand crap. I know I used to enjoy watching United they stand  long time ago but the reason why I say it's crap is because it got cancelled because of low ratings and a cliffhanger ending. The same thing happened to every Spider-Man cartoons but the other Marvel cartoons I'm not sure. But I still like watching Marvel cartoons.

My OC's based of Me and My beloved.

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My Favourite Pages 

Spider-Girl - Arachne (May Parker) and Spider-Kid (Benjamin Richard Parker) ver closed mask

MINE - My Photoshop edit of Spiderman 2 and his sister Spider-Woman. Spider-Girl - Arachne (May Parker) and Spiderman ad (Benjamin Richard Parker) ver closed mask .jpg

My Favourite Heroes

Favourite Clones

Lovley Heroines

Favourite Villains

  • Red Skull
  • Doctor Doom
  • BrotherHood (X-Men)
  • Magneto - X-Men Brotherhood
  • Avengers Villains - Any of them
  • Spider-Man's Villains -Some of them

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