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Real Name
Milene Willis Lokidottir
Current Alias


Sanctum Sanctorum

Loki Laufeyson (Father)
Vericity Willis (Mother)


Base Of Operations
Sanctum Sanctorum



Marital Status

Goddess of Truth, Goddess of Magic

Human and Asgardian magician, trained in mystical arts by the Doctor Strange


First appearance




Milene was born in New York City, United States. She was born with the same magic as her mother to detect lies. Though her mother called it blessing, she considered it a curse.

When Milene was about to make her thirteen-year-old, she witnessed a magical beast attack, watching Doctor Stranger stop him. She ended up using magic unconsciously to defend herself from the attack of a demon who had escaped from the supreme sorcerer, which caught his attention. He then took her to the Sanctum Sanctorum, to teach her to use the mystical arts.

Magical Powers

Although he did not initially know of his origins, Stephen eventually discovered who his father was, but upon learning that they had no connection he eventually ignored that fact. He then coached her along with a few more students in order to choose one of them to succeed him.

Knowing that her master had somehow acquired magic through Yggdrasil, she decided that she should try to do the same. She learned a spell to transport herself interdimensionally to Asgard. However, before the tree could reach, she was barred by Thrud Thorsdottir, the daughter of King Thor of Asgard. She was brought to trial in Asgard, but Stephen appeared before she was punished, revealing the truth about her father. She was then accepted as princess of the kingdom, finding herself to be cousin of Thrud.

She then decided that she should find out more about her origins. She temporarily left Stephen to train magic in Asgard. She learned some tricks her father used to use, like illusions and transformations. She also trained briefly in close combat. At that time she developed a friendship with Thrud.

Powers and Abilities


The origin of Milene's magical powers comes from three main sources: the magic that all humans have the potential to unlock, the Asgardian magic inherited from their father and the magic of truth inherited from their mother. However, it apparently can also access other sources, such as using interdimensional spell sources.

  • Magic Manipulation: Having a great magical potential, she received training from several powerful teachers, including her own father, Doctor Strange (the former Supreme Sorcerer), the sorcerers of Asgard and Wiccan, the current Supreme Sorcerer. She learned many sorts of magic that she uses in combat together, making her a great candidate for the role of Supreme Sorceress.
    • Magic of Truth: Milene proved to have inherited the powers of the Andvaranaut ring that her mother had consumed during her childhood. In this way, Milene is able to use magic of truth, a type of magic that gives her the ability to detect lies, undo illusions, perceive transformations among other things
      • Lies Detection: The main skill of the magic of truth is the detection of lies. Milene automatically realizes when they are lying to her and thus can deduce the truth. After further training with this type of magic, she became able to force people to tell the truth.
        • Revelation of Truth: Through extensive training of this ability, Milene acquired sufficient control to compel a person to reveal the truth. Through this ability she has also become capable of undoing illusions and transformations.
    • Manipulation of Eldritch Magic: Through her training with Stephen Strange, she has been able to utilize the magic of the Masters of Mystic Arts, thereby creating mystical portals, changing the environment around her, using spells, invoking weapons, and using mystical equipment. Unlike the magic of other Masters of the Mystic Arts, Milene's magic is green rather than orange.
      • Astral Projection: By separating her astral form from her body, she became able to access the Astral Dimension. Although initially she could not physically interfere in the physical world, she later became able to move objects and use magic.
      • Spell Casting: Milene also became able to invoke mystical spells verbally, thus being able to invoke different types of magic.
      • Conjuration: Milene is able to cast objects she has previously saved through her magic. In this way, it can store various objects and invoke them when necessary, especially mystical equipment.
      • Portal Creation: She has become able to open cracks in space to move over great distances. Through this ability she is also able to access other dimensions. This ability proves to be quite useful for transport, but also to confuse your enemies during fights.
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