Welcome to my user page, fellas!

Greetings, users, anons, and readers of this little profile page! I am Jacky 50A! I'm not exactly the most prolific or awesome writer, but I do have quite some fun in participating in this wiki. Yeah, I know I've made many abandoned works, but hey, a guy can only dream, right? I really like crossovers and team-ups which is why I've tried to make lots of 'em around this wiki. I still aim to make the ultimate Marvel crossover here, and while it is highly impossible due to my current circumstances, dreams don't die!

(Relevant) Facts About Me

  • I began interested in the world of Marvel before the MCU was really a thing. The first Iron Man movie introduced me to Tony Stark himself, but I had the first glimpse of him in Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Ultimate Avengers also informed me the first time of alternate realities, and since then, I've taken a keen interest on 'em. 
  • I was introduced to the comics in my later life stages, and man do I really like 'em! Wacky and awesome, sure do. I've always liked Marvel events such as Infinity Gauntlet, Secret Wars (I and III), Secret Invasion, Annihilation, and Avengers vs X-Men. Problem is, Marvel's just spat out too many events recently, so I ain't exactly keen on events right now.
  • This might seem weird, but I have a thing for characters who are usually relegated to supportive roles in stories or downright underated ones.
  • My favorite comic Avenger is the Hulk while my favorite movie Avenger is Thor. I don't care if he's become a Fortnite-huggin' bear-hobo hybrid! He's still BADASS!
  • My favorite Marvel villain is Galactus. Don't care if he hasn't appeared in the MCU yet, he's my number one baddie!
  • I'm Indonesian.

My Sandbox

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