I am Kon-El Elite, but you can call me Kon. I was formerly known as Artemis Thorson, but now I operate under this name as an all new person.



I am the creator of Earth-4216, and I am a fan of everything I've seen on this site so far. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.



When I first joined the wikis under the name Artemis Panther, my friends and I founded the wiki Marvel Crossroads, later turned into Comic Crossroads, and my name was changed to Artemis Thorson. But now I run this new account, under the name Kon-El Elite, named after my favorite YJ character; Superboy. Yes, I am a fan of both Marvel and DC, although I like Marvel just a little bit better.

A little bit about the real me is that my all-time favorite band is the All-American Rejects, who really should be more popular than they are. Seriously. They're perfect.

My Favorites


  • Spider-Man (my favorite hero of all time)
      1. 1 Peter Parker
      2. 2 Miles Morales
      3. 3 Miguel O'Hara
  • Flash
  • Batman

My Dream Voice Cast

  • Captain America: Brian Bloom
  • Iron Man: Mark Worden
  • Thor: Travis Willingham
  • Hulk: Fred Tatasciore
  • Black Widow: Laura Bailey
  • Hawkeye: Tim Daly
  • Spider-Man: Josh Keaton
  • Black Panther: James C Matthis III
  • Wolverine: Steve Blum
  • More to come...
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