Hi I'm Ultrabountyhunter. You may remember me from such fanon wikis as the Star Wars Fanon Wiki and the DC Fanon Wiki and ... well actually that's about it. Feel free to correct any spelig erorss in my writing. And say no to Jack Chick, I have nothing against Christians, just the Jack Chick/Fred Phelps variety who say that Catholics, Jewish people, Jehovah's witnesses, Mormons, Budhists, etc, etc etc are evil and will all go to hell, its simply not true. Oh and if anyone's wondering, Steven Bateman is an actor I made up because I though Ed Gilbert would make a good giant mutant Vampire bat but since he's dead I had to make up an actor who would sound like him. For a really fun (i.e. long and slightly complicated) lesson on time travel, go to Tech's quotes page, perfect for all those people who need to learn about the basics of time travel.

Coming soon!

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