• I live in Gotham City, Earth-2
  • My occupation is Writing by day, being a vigilante by night
  • I am The Dark Knight (secretly Hunter Zolomon) (secretly secretly Eobard Thawne)

Welcome to my amazing, fantastical, super-califragious-espe-ah what the heck. You get the point. I'm Cartoon44, but you can call me Cartoon or Toon. I'm a proud administrator here with two big projects (and a secret one that I won't announce just yet!) 

────────█▓██─░▓───▓──▒───▒─░─██▓█─────── ────────█████──▓░░█▒░█░░▓───█████─────── ────────██░─██─░▒──░─░─▓░──██─███─────── ────────███──██▒─░─▒▒▒░──███──███─────── ────────███───▒███▓▒▒▓▒███────██▓─────── ────────▓███────▓██▒█░██─────███░─────── ─────────█─██──███─▒▓─▓██▒──██─█──────── ─────────█──████─░░▒▓░──▒████─██────────

Projects (Finished/Unfinished)

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