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I came to this wiki after I discover that this wiki has more pages than the previous wiki I was on. I was expecting more pages, but what can I say, 10,421 pages is not bad! My wiki don't really got this much pages...but enough with the talk, if you got question about me or my characters, feel free to ask! Note this people that read my article, do not go ahead and write article concerning my character's status (i.e. dead) without me knowing and approval.


Sure, I don't mind using chat, if I am available, that is. I usually have a semi-packed schedule, but I live in the Mountain Standard Time (-7, -6 UTC) and my chat window is mostly on weekends.

Heroes (and, of course, Villains too!) I now reveal to you are:

"Excelsior!" -Awesome Anakin

(Note: Heroes/Villains are in order of which I create them. As said above, no usage of any characters without consulting me. In addition, underlined names indicate that the articles are still incomplete. If the name is underlined, the [square brackets] in the description will explain the incompleteness. The normal (brackets) are used to show notes about the character.)

  • Anthony Stephen Howlett, the armored warrior and a Herald of Mystic Arts! [Need to update to current format and redo the picture.]
  • Viktor Romaovich Chernov, a supersoldier with an impressive anger issues that will surely send you climbing up walls! (Not that it will help you.)
  • Henry Richards Damocles, a man that controls an unlimited supply of subatomic particles, emit extreme level of bioeletricity, and an aid of Kree technological metal. [Picture needed, infobox blanks required to be filled in.]
  • Achillia (Earth-616), a girl from the ancient times. (Actually, the idea for this character came before the Psycho-Audio Bio-Controlling dude).
  • Broirneeh, an extremely overpowered humanoid being formed by pure energy from the collapsed Vendaron multiverse. [Work in progress]
  • Nicholas Joseph F.U.R.Y, the independent Life Model Decoy of Nick Fury that becomes the head director of M.A.C.E.
  • Baron von Wagner, a clawed weapon byproduct of Weapon Variable.
  • U.L.T.R.O.N, bell-bottom robot amalgamated from multiple high-technology pieces, notably Iron Man and Ultron.
  • James Brad Morrison, a nerd of fictional world until his world flips around him.

Alternate Realities


Sure, there is DC and Marvel...but what about:


If you read some of my characters, you will probably know that I like making or building off of a government organization. These are the ones I made:

Hint for my future hero(es) (Villian[s]?):

I typically do this in order...If you got a hint of what I am doing, I probably give you too much hint and good for you! Also, I randomly create Alternate Realities,Universes (rarely though, so lucky you), and Organisations; so it won't be in here. (Note: Normally, I would put the list in order of which idea come first and write articles in that order, but occasionally, I will find an awesome idea and that idea will push its way to the top of the list. I hope you don't mind...)

  • Is this guy a telepath? Nah, can't talk to you with his head, but lets just say he will do pain in a similar manner, and - well - he is the best there is at what he do.
  • What is Psycho-Audio Bio Adjustment? Well this guy got that power! Even bigger hint: this person's name is in one of my articles! (Darn, another hero with no way to give a hint without telling who he is!)
  • A man that with a sword that can "cut" reality?!
  • A guy that can escape gravity....and heroes!
  • "Brother" of BAMF+SNIKT+Science talk dude. (His name is in one of my pages!)
  • A person with a mutant power so keen that makes him a perfect lie detector, one person at a time...

Give Aways

These heroes/villains are too obvious to be written in hints so I will summarize some of my future characters. The characters presented here is not in order with the above listings. It may be added at any time; heck, I may be even work on an article at the same time as the article of the above listing! Unlike the above hints, the listing here is not subject to top-down reading; in another words, when an article is in the list, I can pick any article to write about, and don't have to follow the order from the first bullet down.

Overpowered? Hahahaha ha ha..hah...hah.....haaa......

Okay, I will admit, I don't usually make overpowered characters, but if I do, I will probably put in "(Overpowered Alert!)" in my Hints/Give Aways section. I will try to limit my non-overpowered characters also, but if you enjoy my spammed heroes, be sure to tell me! (My overpowered articles will also have a link to the category "Overpowered.") Oh, an my definition of overpowered?

  • Overpowered [Ov-err-pow-err-d] awesome word. 1. A character or characters that are buffed to the point where they have a slim chance to be beaten as they do not have weaknesses, Broirneeh is an extremely overpowered character 2. A character or characters that is so powerful that their powers cancel each other out, the cosmic beam of Omniverse Prime fires a concentrated beam of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

Disclaimer Alert: This definition of Overpowered may be heavily biased due to it coming from one author. For more accurate definition with multiple author contributions, click here.


  • Q: Why is Viktor Chernov not an overpowered character when he got power of Hulk, Cap, and Spidey?
    • A: I am glad you asked, true believer! Viktor does have weaknesses that could be exploited, most from his defective supersoldier serum.
  • Q: Where does the name Broirneeh come from?
    • A: While this is not a question about overpowers, it is about a character that is massively overpowered. My Broirneeh come from the word based off from the Minecraft Creepypasta: Herobrine. I took the first letter and the last letter together, like finding a median number, and the result is Heenirorb, and then I simply flip the word, making the last letter the first letter and so forth.

Articles of Awe

Viktor S.H.I.E.L.D Lamborghini This Article was named Article of Awe by Anakin Skyobiliviator on [month goes here] of [year goes here].

Place for my favoritism articles in this wiki! I do not look just for formats of the article, I also look at the creativeness of articles! (Note: This article is in my own opinion and I will see if their powers/skill set is understandable. This award is only rewarded to those with original names, and at least a noticeable difference in power from the mainstream Marvel, example of an article not receiving this is a same character name and perhaps powers on a person, and the only noticeable difference is that it lives on a different dimension or "Earths" [i.e. Earth-616].) When an article fits my satisfaction, I will ask the creater's permission for acceptance of the award. If agreed upon, I will then post the userbox seen above of this section. This reward is not on an assigned scheduled, as the reward is given when I wish.


My photos?

Yes, in case you are asking, it is I, who made the photos I use for my articles. If you want to use my photos, please ask me beforehand, and I will think about it which means I, by all means, can say no. If you take it without permission, I probably will have a problem with you. Just to let you know now, I standardly make pictures only for myself, until further notice. How I make them? Tis' a secret. But all I can give you is that I check the internet for good pictures and then edit them at my pleasure.


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