Uri Sakalsky killed Gennady Gavrilov, and stole his armor

Early Life

As a young boy Uri loved what his father called war. He always played with toy soldiers and loved to play army with his friends. He also loved one thing more than war, power. He was also a perfect Engineer, he could build things at age three. He was the leader of his friends, and he always ran for a position in the student body. In High school he was voted Student body president. He made good choices, never fell for peer pressure, and always made sure he never had a bully. He went into the army and quickly went through the ranks. At the time of the Cold War he was general, he decided to retire. He spent three years in retirement before witnessing the power of Gennady Gavrilov. He was in his car when he saw the power of the suit.

The Crimson Dynamo

Five years later he decided to get that armor, he killed Gennady and stole the armor. Uri made some adjustments on the suit, it was now able to cause an E.M.P, that shut down all machinery. He then decided with this suit he could Russia. He Started demolishing everything in his path. When he was attacked by Russian soldiers he electrocuted them. The Dynamo had destroyed ten buildings and killed thirty people. The news spread to the world and Iron Man decided to do the job, to defeat the Dynamo. He zoomed over to Russia ready for a fight. The Dynamo had now made Moscow look ruined, Iron Man landed next to him. Dynamo and Iron Man fought, the Dynamo was winning. Iron Man made a critical blow to the Dynamo, Dynamo's wepons were malfunctioning. Uri decided to use his E.M.P. on Iron Man but shut him slef down do to a malfunction. Iron Man punched the Dynamo who soon recovered from his E.M.P. . Uri was furious, he then charged up his power but electroctued himself to death in the process.


  • He is able to shoot out electic bolts, due to suit.
  • Can fly, due to suit.
  • E.M.P. , due to suit.
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